About Us

The People

World Woven is about discovering and collaborating with people making/curating/selling some rockin' goods in various corners of our little world. Whether they're just learning, or longtime masters of their art―we're into it. Right now, you'll find some collaborations with aspiring young designers as well as artists who have been perfecting their work for generations.

The Products

The purchase of any product we feature allows artisans, small businesses, and some seriously creative people in developing countries to stay inspired, keep creating, and live empowered. 

Many of our products are handmade and/or vintage. By nature, much of our inventory is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

The Journey

We are constantly on the move searching for anyone from makers preserving their centuries old traditional artistry or designers with a completely modern take on something different — We travel to them. We search small towns and large cities to find them, we meet them, we build relationships with them. Together, we are empowered by design.