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A collection of hand-stamped batik dyed one-of-a-kind silk pieces. Each piece is designed, dyed and brought to life by a husband-wife team of Balinese silk workers. 


Matin Calme

Matin Calme, French designer living in Thailand—Selling his handmade jewelry in the markets of Bangkok. His interest in industrial rustic design is achieved through a unique metal oxidation process.


Vintage Statements

Shop our collection of vintage, one-of-a-kind stunners; statement necklaces, bracelets and rings — These pieces made their way to us via Tibet, Nepal and the surrounding region. Each piece holds a unique story and undeniable energy.


Kijiji Colletion

A collaboration between World Woven and a  group of aspiring young Kenyan designers. Each product comes to life with a blend of modern design and traditional African textiles. The collection supports the education and empowerment of deserving and inspired young Kenyan women. 

Handmade in Nakuru, Kenya.


Designer Highlights

Pao Bay

We found Pao Bay in a bright, stylishly playful shop at a market in Bangkok, Thailand. Her artful approach to classic styles had us gushing. By painting an entire canvas, then cutting, stitching and binding—her bags come to life. Functional art made with high-quality materials and an evident human touch.


Another Place

With chic blends of natural tones and stand-out minimalism styles, Thai designer Another Place creates simple collections which pair well with just about anything. We found Another Place tucked away in their very own, aesthetically sublime little corner of a market in Bangkok, Thailand. 


Weekend Art: Bangkok

A small team of creatives designing and silk screen printing cotton graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and cropped tees. Each modern, bright, geometric inspired design is printed in limited quantities and sold only on the weekend (hence, 'Weekend Art') in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand.