Kijiji Collection Boho Bag

Designed & handmade in Nakuru, Kenya.
Kijiji Collection; Exclusively for World Woven.
Cotton, reversible boho bag. Each bag is made from traditional African textiles sourced from the busy, colorful fabric markets in Nakuku, Kenya. Young Kenyan designers learn the art of tailoring and design by transforming these uniquely eye-catching textiles into wearable accessories.
  • Handmade; may show signs of character
  • Cotton
Kijiji Colleciton is a collaboration between World Woven and a  group of aspiring young Kenyan designers. Each product comes to life with a blend of modern design and traditional African textiles. The collection supports the education and empowerment of deserving and inspired young Kenyan women. 
*Bonus ― These talented young ladies also discovered their modeling abilities. Click through the photos to see them as the face of their artistry. Beautiful.